What Is Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome?

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Am I Suffering From Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome?

Surgical intervention for back pain doesn’t always result in a pain-free life. Physicians often wait until all other treatment options have been exhausted before recommending back surgery because of the risks involved. In some cases, surgical procedures can fail to improve current symptoms and may even cause new issues for the patient. Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome is when a laminectomy procedure with or without fusion has resulted in new or recurrent back pain for the patient after the healing window for the surgery has passed.

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What Are The Symptoms?

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that enlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure off the spinal cord or nerve rootlets in an effort to reduce pain. If you have undergone a laminectomy for back problems and experience the following symptoms, you may have Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome.

Dull pain or aching in the back

Sharp or stabbing pain in the back

Pain that radiates down one or both legs

Original pain is not reduced

New pain that was not there previously

What Is The Cause Of Post Laminectomy Syndrome?

The most common cause of this syndrome is damage to the spinal nerve root. This damage can be from a previous injury, the original spine or back issues, or might be caused by trauma from the laminectomy procedure. In some instances, Post Laminectomy Pain results from the formation of scar tissue during the healing process that interferes with the spinal structure or surrounding nerves and muscles.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Dr. Alain de Lotbinière will discuss your surgical and treatment history to find the right course for you! There are many options to help you find relief for Post Laminectomy Pain Syndrome.

  • Nerve Blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablations
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Intrathecal Pain Pump
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Reaching Out For Help

If your laminectomy surgery has resulted in new or recurrent pain, know there are options available to you. Dr. Alain de Lotbinière is a visionary neurosurgeon who uses his expertise in advanced diagnostics and treatments to provide his patients with the best outcomes possible. Book a consultation today at either his White Plains, New York or Stamford, Connecticut offices.