People, Pain, and Perspective

Dr. Alain de Lotbinière’s Approach to His Passions

In life, sometimes it’s the grey areas that matter most. Early in his career as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alain de Lotbinière began to understand even in a field driven by evidence and science, not everything is black and white.


There were causes of pain that couldn’t be found. Treatments that didn’t work. And patients that continued to suffer. Dr. de Lotbinière wanted to know why.


And he wanted to help.


Dr. Alain de Lotbinière has spent his distinguished career studying complex pain disorders, exploring their causes, and pioneering the most advanced treatments to help his patients. The path isn’t always straightforward; but Dr. de Lotbinière willingly walks it with each person in his care. He listens to their personal experience, delves into potential causes, and exhausts every possible avenue to help them find relief.


After years of experience and countless patients, Dr. de Lotbinière is well versed in the many shades of joy, pain, happiness, and sorrow that accompany the human experience. Within his many passions that include medicine, literature, and photography, he has cultivated a unique and thorough perspective, letting it permeate all that he does.


He sees the world through a “black and white lens” if only to experience those crucial gradations in a starker sense. Whether it’s the shadow that extenuates a strangers face, the light that highlights a forgotten corner, or the off-handed comment from a patient that provides the last piece to the diagnostic puzzle; Dr. de Lotbinière has both a natural and nurtured talent for perceiving the important shades of grey that others cannot.


In both his practice and his art, Dr. de Lotbinière passionately endeavors to find what goes unnoticed by the less trained, less observant, less interested eye. And he finds fulfillment in highlighting his subjects and patients as a whole person. Bringing all their grey areas it into perspective, developing a way forward with care, and helping them capture a better outcome for the future.